Here’s just a sampling of our work. If interested in having us help share your story, please contact to us.

CONTACT: Tom Desch
phone: 773.837-1915

We edited this piece for Jason Dewey Photography featuring the beautiful St. Regis Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

In addition to our documentary, we created additional content that Wright in Kankakee, the non-profit that runs the house, could use in their gift shop to prepare people for house tours.

This is a short video we had the opportunity to create for a fundraiser for Jamie and Roland Mueller whose daughter Pia was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. They're hoping to raise funds for a surgery that will help with Pia's mobility. If you're interested in donating to their cause visit A HUGE thank you to Jason Henderson of JH Hyde Park for helping on the shoot.

We helped edit videos for 52 Westin properties for Jason Dewey Photography.

We helped Sapient Nitro create a video to showcase the company’s unique culture and give prospective job applicants a look into the company.

We were with the Ripson Group to catch the action at the ribbon cutting for the 20th season of Chicago’s Green City Market.

For years we have helped the Ripson Group promote Old St. Patrick’s Church’s famed Worlds Largest Block Party.